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Facial care
Speed brow
Just sweep it gently to ensure that the eyebrow shape becomes three-dimensional and comfortable
Eyebrow modification liquid
Transparent eyebrow modification liquid has repairing effect and endows eyebrows with natural luster and texture
Eyebrow eye modeling box
The two color sleeve eye shadow powder has a moist feeling, soft fitting to eyebrow or eye, and natural and vivid, and it can simply touch out a moving sense of hierarchy.
Silk satin lipstick
Make your lips plump and plump, and bloom the bright color of silk for a long time.
Color Fever Gloss
can not be moved away from the color of the flipping lipstick for a moment. Besides the gloss and glossy lip gloss, the lip color is more durable and .
Moisturizing lipstick
is fully hydrates the lip, lipstick color has never been so strong and moving.
Curing Essence Facial Mask
infused the whole bottle of beauty cream essence into the skin.
Moisturizing Facial Mask 2 pieces
Intensively moisturize and maintain the skin, soothe and dry. Contains seaweed, aloe vera and cactus essence.
Infinite deep bright muscle keratin essence
The unique scrub essence can effectively remove the accumulated aging keratin and eliminate the dull skin caused by the accumulation of keratin.