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Steps and techniques for making * * nude makeup
07-28 17:46
If you go to the beach just to show your swimsuit style instead of swimming, you can choose to wear fresh nude makeup, which will improve your overall * * feeling.
4 tips to make your eyes look good
07-28 17:46
The popular smoky gray dizzy eyelids make the eyes deep enough, but not shiny enough. And the pearl eye sensation eye shadow and eye shadow cream can create the ideal BlingBling effect.
Choose the right makeup to make you beautiful in the summer
07-28 17:46
In humid and muggy summer, make-up is a technical job, and in the middle, make-up is the number one problem. If you don't make up well, you will become a big face if you don't pay attention.
Japan sets off a beauty culture of "taking orally and raising externally" (1)
07-28 17:46
Japanese women's persistence in beauty is famous all over the world. "Don't go out without makeup" has become their creed.
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